How to Rename an Email Address in Plesk

Log in to your Plesk account. Click on Mail from the Sidebar Menu. From the email list, click on the email account you want to rename. Enter the new email name in the email address field. Scroll down and click OK.

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August 28, 2023

How to Set Up a cPanel Email Account in Android

You can add a cPanel email account to your Android’s built-in email application. You don’t need to use any external apps from Google Play. Open your Android mobile and swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the top. Find the Settings icon and open it. Scroll down to the Passwords & Accounts option and tap on it. Tap on + Add account. Now, choose the Personal IMAP option. In the “Add your email address” section, enter your full email address, such as Then tap Next and enter your password. Confirm with Next again. Look at Incoming Server Settings and Outgoing Mail Server Settings. If everything looks OK, then tap Next. You can select Email Sync Frequency and other options under the accounts option. Choose as per your needs and press Next. In the Your Name input box, enter your name and press Next. Congratulations! From now on,

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August 28, 2023

How to Set Up a cPanel Email Account With Outlook 2019

You can set up a cPanel email account with Microsoft Outlook 2019 and manage your email account. . Open Outlook 2019. . Go to File > Info and click on Add Account. Enter your full email address, such as, and click Connect. In Advance Setup, select IMAP. Enter IMAP details as provided below the screenshot but change the hostname to your server hostname and make sure that your IMAP port is correct. Enter your email password and click Connect. 7. Finally, click on Done. You can now manage your newly-added email from the left sidebar under the Home tab of Outlook.

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August 28, 2023

How to Update a Plesk Account’s Email Address

Follow these steps to change your Plesk contact email address. Log in to your Plesk account. Click on Account from the Sidebar Menu. Click on My Profile. Enter the new primary email address in the Email Address field. Choose the appropriate domain from the drop-down menu if you have multiple domains. You can also update the external email address which is used for the password reset. Click on Apply. You will see a success message signifying that your Plesk contact email address has changed.

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August 28, 2023

How to Read cPanel Emails in Android

Suppose you have already added your cPanel email accounts to your Android built-in email application. In that case, you can also add a widget to your Android screen to easily read your cPanel emails by just opening a widget. Open your Android mobile. Tap on an empty area of your home screen for a few seconds, and you will see several options displayed, such as Wallpaper and Widgets. Tap on Widgets. Locate Gmail and tap to expand it. Touch the Gmail widget and hold it. Drag it to your Android screen and release the hold. We dragged it to the Android screen. If you have multiple email accounts, select an appropriate email account. It will then show an option to choose a folder. Tap on Inbox. Tap Done. Open the widget. Tap on Take Me to Gmail. Congratulations. From now on, you can easily read, compose, or check emails by

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August 28, 2023