How to Install phpBB Forum via Softaculous in cPanel

Softaculous helps you install web applications very easy. Please, follow the steps below to install phpBB Forum. . Log in to your cPanel account. In the Software section, click on Softaculous Apps Installer. cPanel will redirect you to the Softaculous interface. On the left side, locate the Forums category. Click on it and then on the phpBB link that appears. Click on Install. Fill in the necessary fields under the Software Setup fields: Choose Installation URL: Choose the appropriate protocol/domain. Inside the “In Directory” field, should you want to install this in a directory, i.e.,, enter the directory name. Otherwise, please, leave it blank to install in your main domain, i.e., Under the Board Settings field, enter the following information: Board Name: Name of the forum. Site Description: Description of the forum. Board E-mail: The e-mail address of the forum. Under the Admin Account field, enter the following

August 28, 2023