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April 18, 2022
Installing a Control Panel

How to Install DirectAdmin on CentOS

DirectAdmin (DA) is a premium Hosting Control Panel designed for the provision of shared and reseller hosting accounts.

What do you need to get started?

A clean installation of CentOS, AlmaLinux, Ubuntu, or Debian on your VPS/Server.

  1. Initiating the DirectAdmin Installation: Start by accessing your root account via SSH or any alternative method.

    Should you possess an IP-based license, input the command below:

    bash <(curl -LSs || curl -LSs 'auto'

    For those with a key-based license, initiate the subsequent command, incorporating your unique license key:

    bash <(curl -LSs || curl -LSs 'Insert your license key here'

    Initiating the installation can span between 20 to 30 minutes.

  2. Upon completion, the system will reveal the login details and corresponding URL. Update your browser's URL to http://IP-Address:2222 (Make sure to replace the IP-Address placeholder with your actual server IP or hostname).

    Bravo! You've adeptly set up the DirectAdmin control panel

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