How to Access the WordPress Admin Dashboard

WordPress is an easy to work with CMS software. To access a WordPress account, please follow these instructions: Open in the web browser. Do not forget to replace with your domain name. Enter your WordPress credentials and click on Login. If your login details are correct, you will have successfully logged into the WordPress Dashboard.

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August 28, 2023

How to Restrict Access to Directories by IP Address

To secure your admin area from hackers, you should only allow access to your admin directory from selected IP addresses. You can create a dot htaccess file in the directory where you want to restrict access to specific IP addresses. For example, if you have a WordPress blog installed on your main directory and you log in via, you should create an htaccess file in /wp-admin/.htaccess and put the following code into it. Please, don’t forget to replace the allowed IP address with your IP address. order deny, allow deny from all allow from YOUR-IP-ADDRESS-HERE Replace the Your-IP-Address-Here text with your IP address. You can test this by accessing the wp-admin directory from another IP address, not mentioned in your htaccess file.

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June 17, 2023