How to Install cPanel

cPanel ranks as the premier Hosting Control Panel in the web hosting domain. Its installation is straightforward. Prerequisites: A pristine installation of either Ubuntu or AlmaLinux OS on your VPS/Server. Steps for cPanel Installation: Access your VPS/Server using an SSH Client. Execute the command below by pasting it into your SSH terminal and hitting Enter. cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest The cPanel installation process will commence, typically spanning 10 to 20 minutes. Upon completion, the terminal will relay a confirmation: cPanel Installation Finished. Navigate to https://your-server-IP-here:2087 to access WHM. Provide the root username and password. Select Login. cPanel/WHM Setup Guide: Step 1: Review and accept the terms. Step 2: In cases where the cPanel license isn’t active, you might need to sign in to the cPanel store to activate a trial license. Step 3: Configure Email and Nameservers: Email Address: Input your email. This

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August 28, 2023