How to Configure an FTP Backup in Plesk

Log in to your Plesk account. Go to Websites & Domains > Click on the Pull icon >> Choose Backup & Restore. Click on Remote Storage Settings. Click on FTP(S). Fill in the following details: – Make sure that Use FTP(S) storage is marked as enabled. – FTP server hostname or IP: Enter your FTP domain name or IP address. – Directory for backup files storage: Enter the path where your backup file will be stored, such as /backup. – FTP Username: Enter your FTP username. – FTP Password: Enter your FTP Password. – Use passive mode: We recommend that you either enable it or leave it as it is. – Use FTPS: You can checkmark it if your FTP server supports a TLS/Encryption. Click Apply. If it displays a success message, it means you have successfully configured an FTP(S) backup in your Plesk. You can now take a backup

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August 28, 2023

How to Generate a cPanel Backup and Send it to FTP

Backing up is important, and you should do it regularly. Log in to your cPanel account. In the Files section, click on Backup. Under Full Backup, click on Download a Full Website Backup. Under Generate a Full Backup, enter the following details: Backup Destination: Select the Backup destination to Remote FTP Server. Email: Enter your email address. Remote Server: FTP IP address or FTP domain name such as Remote User: Your FTP Username. Remote Password: Your FTP Password. Port: 21 or other FTP Port. Remote Dir: Remote Directory such as /home/username/backupfolder/. Once you fill in the Remote FTP details, click on Generate Backup.

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January 14, 2022