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August 28, 2023
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How to Add a CNAME Record in cPanel

CNAME records, often termed alias records, are responsible for linking an alias with its canonical designation. To incorporate a CNAME Record, employ the Zone Editor feature in cPanel.

  1. Access your cPanel dashboard.
  2. Within the **Domains** category, opt for the **Zone Editor**.
  3. Under the **Domains** tab, a plethora of choices will be visible under **Actions**.
  4. Choose **CNAME Record**. A dialogue box will emerge, prompting you to furnish the necessary details:
    Name: Input the desired name, for instance, **www**. Consequently, cPanel will auto-append the domain, rendering an outcome akin to
    CNAME: Key in the respective domain name.
  5. Conclude by pressing **Add a CNAME Record**.
    Upon successful integration, a confirmation message will greet you.

    Reminder: Depending on global propagation, the adjustments might require 12 to 24 hours to be fully realized.

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